In Pictures: Portraits of Asia

Immediately upon graduating university, I felt a desperate need to breathe a big sigh of relief and take time for myself. I also knew in the back of my head that I needed to conceptualize a graduation portfolio for my Professional Photography program at Langara College. The obvious solution? Traveling! Five months, Three Cameras, and an Untrained Sense of Adventure was an opportunity for me to explore an area of the world with which I was fairly unfamiliar, and to re-catch my breath in the endless game of life. In the end, I built a portfolio of portraits that for me, bring back a flood of memories and thoughts. With my portfolio, I submitted the following description:

My initial goal in attending the Langara Continuing Studies Professional Photography program was to develop my skills as a photojournalist, particularly in travel photography, as this is a supporting element in my current career path. Throughout the program, I realized that I had great difficulty in approaching my subjects, and attaining an image that evoked some sort of connotative characteristic from the subject. In completing my graduation portfolio, my aim was to approach subjects in a variety of manners – sometimes anonymously, sometimes extremely personally – and capture a frame that tells the viewer something evocative about the subject’s life and persona, something more than a simple snapshot can ever portray.

As a travel enthusiast who focuses on international development, I chose to complete my portfolio while traveling through Southeast Asia for a period of four months. My experiences varied from extremely personal encounters with locals, to more tourist-oriented scenarios, to attempting to integrate myself into the routine daily life of a given country. While language barriers created certain communication difficulties, I attempted to create unique relationships and interactions with each of my subjects, while also accounting for photographic compositional elements that I integrated into my considerations as a photographer through my education at Langara.

Hopefully these images provide a source of inspiration for travel and the art of photography. Also my personal travel blog can be viewed at: